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Pricing and Reservations

Full Day Trip (8hr Day) $600

Half Day Trip (5hrs) $450

Full Day Trips

A full 8hr day charter runs $600 and I supply all the fishing gear, the Ice, and I always have enough bottled water on board. If the fishing is slow that day we do stay out an extra hr or so. I don't put  fuel limits on my crew and we will go where the fish are, within reason. It does not include your Mexican fishing License, which costs around $12 to $14 US (depending on the exchange rate) a day per person on board, your food and drinks, and live bait, which runs $3 per live bait. We suggest you buy at least 10 baits as the fishing here in Cabo consists mostly using live bait. Although we do get our share of fish trolling lures. There may be times when I will suggest we get more
live baits if the situation calls for. It can make for a frustrating day if we run out of live bait and the fish only want live bait We can stay out longer than 8 to 9 hours on request and that is negotiable aslo

Half Day Trips

Our half day trips run $450 for the boat, trips are 5hrs and the only real difference besides the time length is the range we can venture out to. On our full 8hr day trips our range limit is 30 to 35 miles with our half day trips 10 to
15 miles. We have been known to stay out a extra hour or so on those days when the fishing is on the slow side. Fortunately here in Cabo we don’t get many slow days.

One of the things that makes Cabo such a great place to fish is that you can catch offshore type fish very close to shore more times than not. Compared to other places where you sometimes have to run 30 miles to get into deeper water. In Cabo we have many deep underwater canyons that run within a mile or two from the coast. There are times however when the offshore type fish are not within half day range. I will always be up front and let you know how the fishing is.

Outer Banks 10hr to 12hr Trips

The Outer Bank trips are 10 hr to 12hr trips and are negotiable depending on fuel costs and departure times. Most run from $800 to $900. For more info on the outer bank trips please go to the information page.

Fishing Lic Lunch & Beverage

I can arrange to get your Mexican fishing lic the morning of your departure. I can also arrange to get your lunches for you if you like or you can bring your own. Your beer and or sodas I can get for you and just charge you what I pay for them. A case of local beer runs around $16 US and name brand sodas around $12 depending on the
exchange rate. I supply plenty of bottled water on the house.

Tipping of the Crew

We encourage at least a 15% gratuity paid directly to the crew. If there is anything you are unhappy with Please let me know so I can take measures to prevent them in the future

Deposit info

Please do not send a deposit until I have you  down in my calendar

I will need to get a $100 deposit for each days fishing to secure your dates, with the balance due on the days fishing in Cash or Travelers Check. I use PayPal which I feel is very secure and that way I don’t need to see your credit card info. You can log into pay pal through my website and follow the easy instructions and add the amount you are going to send. I will receive an instant e-mail from pay pal and your transaction number will be your Confirmation number If for some unforeseen reason you have to cancel your trip we do offer a full refund of your deposit up to 2 weeks before the trip. Minus the Pay Pal service fee. If you have to cancel within 2 weeks
and I can rebook the day I will also refund your deposit. If due to the weather the port captain closes the port you will receive a full refund also minis the Pay Pal service charge which is around 3.5%

Questions ?

If you have any questions please feel free. If you want to talk to me in person the best way to reach me is my cell phone or you can try me at my Skype internet US phone number at 619 591 8969 619 591 8969. If you’re familiar with Skype, my contact name is Renegademike. My Cabo Cell: from the US its 011 52 1 624 129 9581 from Cabo its 624 129 9581. We now have Nextel direct connect (radio phone) 72*689361*1. Or you can give me a number and a good time to contact you. I have an inexpensive way of calling the US (Skype internet phone)



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